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Training Consultancy

Training Consultancy Services.

CHABEGAN ASSOCIATES has since 2004 to date, been conducting training consultancy service in short-term banking operational programmes for the BOT Training Institute, Tanzania Institute of Bankers(TIOB), and Community Banks Association(CBA). The firm is thus a group of emerging training consultants well established to undertake professional consultancy training in financial accounting, financial management, banking, and materials management. The firm is also a tuition provider for professional candidates aspiring to sit for NBAA, TIOB and NBMM professional examinations. The training consultancy is managed by a full time consultant who is backed up by five (5) full time training consultants, and four (4) part-time professional training consultants. The blend of professional consultants with wide practical experience in accounting, finance, business studies, banking, and materials management equips the firm with the necessary abilities to provide consultancy services in the Government, public and private commercial sectors.


The firm offers a wide range of professional training services in financial services relevant to commercial banks, community banks, microfinance institutions, and to the professional candidates aspiring to sit for professional examinations of the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA), Tanzania Institute of Bankers (TIOB), and the National Board of Materials Management (NBMM).

Short-Term Banking Courses/Programmes.

The firm offers training on programmes conducted by the BOT Training Institute of Mwanza, Tanzania Institute of Bankers (TIOB), Community Banks Association (CBA), and the tailor-made banking programmes for any commercial bank, community bank and microfinance institutions. CHABEGAN ASSOCIATES has since 2004 to date, been conducting training to bankers for both the TIOB and BOT Training Institute of Mwanza. Currently the firm is also the key trainer for Community Banks Association (CBA), and other individual banks for their tailor made banking programmes. The current training programmes for bankers (2009 programmes) conducted by BOT Training Institute is as per their specifically designed banking and other programmes listed here under:

  • Office Management and Secretarial Practice
  • Microfinance Course
  • Business Continuity Management
  • TISS( Tanzania Interbank Settlement System)
  • Credit management and Loan appraisal
  • Business Report Writing Skills
  • Risk Management for Banks including Basel II
  • Money Laundering and Fraud detection 
  • Credit Management for MFIs
  • Treasury Management
  • BOT Compliance Course
  • Fundamentals of Telling Duties
  • Loan Syndication for Banks
  • Foundation Course in Banks
  • Prudential Guidelines

Training consultancy for TIOB short courses (2009), are tailor made, and or determined by bankers themselves through the TIOB’s training needs assessment, and they are currently as follows:

  • Telling
  • Banking operations
  • Frauds and Financial Crimes: Detection and Control
  • Money Laundering
  • Risk Management in Banks
  • Treasury Management
  • Management Development Programme
  • Credit Analysis and Loan Management 
  • Trade Finance
  • East African Banking School
  • Electronic Banking ( E-Banking)
  • Training of Trainers
  • Training of Trainers for Examiners
  • Advances/Credit Operations
  • Principle of Lending
  • International Trade Finance
  • Project Management for LINE Managers 
  • Sales and Customer Care
  • Business Goal Management

 Training consultancy for Community Banks Association (CBA) short term courses are also tailor made and, or were  determined by community banks themselves, and for 2009  were  as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Telling Duties for Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Foundation Course in Banking
  • Banking Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Performance Management
  • Risk Management in Banks
  • Credit analysis and Loan Management
  • Supervisory course

In all cases our experience in training for our major customers (BOT Training Institute, TIOB, CBA), and other clients for tailor-made financial training reveal that, our firm has proved excellence in providing quality training to their  expected levels, and in deed, we have always been highly evaluated. Our performance has now attracted the big CRDB Bank, BOA Bank Tanzania, Akiba Commercial Bank Ltd, and NMB Plc, and Government Executive Agencies. Also in the list are three community banks; Dar-es-Salaam Community Bank Ltd, Kagera Farmers Cooperative Bank and Mbinga Community Bank.

Tailor-made short-term financial training to clients.

The firm offers tailor-made training programmes in any areas of interests to banks, microfinance institutions, and other clients, the contents of which are mutually determined between the firm and clients.

Tuition providing on accountancy for NBAA, TIOB and NBMM candidates aspiring to sit for professional examinations. 

The firm provides tuition services on ACCOUNTANCY to candidates preparing to sit for professional examinations. This service is available twice a year between January and May each year for May examinations, and between July and November each year for November examinations.

Training needs assessment, training packages design.

The firm undertakes training needs assessments for clients, and designs training packages on agreed areas of training for clients.

Financial and Risk management training to bankers.

The firm undertakes training consultancy on financial management, risk management, and compliance for banks, microfinance institutions and other clients.

Management consultancy and training to CEOs, and Senior Managers.

The firm provides business advisory management consultancy to managers, senior managers, Chief Executive Officers, and Board Members of banks, microfinance institutions, and other business organizations.