How To Get Started in the Anodizing Business

Anodizing is the process of adding a corrosion and wear-resistant layer to the outside of metals. When you are opening a business anodizing metal, you should understand how the process works as well as what supplies, equipment and certifications you need. The best part about starting this kind of business is that you can start small as a hobby and grow it up from there.

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How Does Anodizing Work?

You can anodize metals, usually aluminum, by submersing it in acid and adding an electrical current. The anodizing tank used in the process will need to be made of a sturdy plastic that is rated for this use and which is big enough for the metal pieces as well as the acid.

What Supplies and Equipment Do You Need?

Whether you are anodizing as a hobby or to start a business, you will need some specialty supplies and equipment to get …

Making Water Work for Manufacturing

Having a controlled spray pattern for water is vital for several industries, including fire suppression systems, manufacturing, and even farming. If certain nozzles or valves crack, it limits the efficiency of the water flow and creates wastewater. Ordering replacement spray valves can help restore functionality to necessary systems. One area where a powerful stream of water has a big impact is that of fabrication.

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 Enhancing Precision

A waterjet cutter is tool that relies on a jet of water released at high pressure and velocity to slice through metal or other materials. It can also rely on mix of abrasive substances and water to mimic the forces of nature that create water erosion. However, the use of a waterjet is more efficient. Because of the applications for manufacturing and fabrication, industries ranging from aerospace to mining rely on operations for reaming, shaping, cutting, or carving.

The Science Behind the Operation

The …

Maintaining Your Plant’s Equipment

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The machinery in your plant is what makes your profit so keeping them running well is vital. If one goes down, it can be catastrophic for production. Here are a few tips to keep them operating their best.

Lubricate Often

To keep parts moving against each other, you need to grease them. Using an industrial lubricant richmond va allows gears, bearing, and other items on a machine to glide against each other with little friction that can damage the equipment. You need to check to see if there too much gunk building up because this too can cause an issue. Inspecting for this gives you an opportunity to see if there is anything else mechanically wrong with a machine.

Keep Operators Up To Date

The operators on a machine need to know how it works as well as to troubleshoot any minor problems before they escalate. You will want to …

Five Classifications of Loans

These days, loans are quite common in the United States. According to’s survey, about 34% of Americans took out a loan within the past year. There are many ways to take out a loan. Banks, websites, and peers are all avenues for lending. However, there are also many types of loan classifications, each with certain stipulations.

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Pass Loans

Pass loans are the best type of loan to have. If someone has a pass loan, he or she is paying the commitments on time and on a regular basis. The lender is not concerned about the debtor paying back the principal or interest.

Special Mention Loans

Debtors with special mention loans are dealing with more hardship than those with pass loans. He or she is having trouble making a payment or are not regular with the payments. The lender or institution is starting to feel threatened. However, they …

How Do Fire Hydrants Work?

Fire hydrants are often walked by without a second glance or frowned upon for blocking access to parking. However, they are incredible, life-saving tools. Here are three key pieces of information on the workings of fire hydrants.

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Why Are Fire Hydrants Needed?

fire hydrant is a back-up source of water for firefighters to use while extinguishing a fire. Though fire trucks carry a considerable amount of water themselves, in the case of large fires, a greater source is required. Fire hydrants are connected to underground water supply systems and, when opened, can produce a strong, steady stream of water. They are typically painted in bright colors, like red or yellow, to make them easier for fire-fighters to spot from inside their fire truck. 

How Do They Work?

When firefighters arrive to put out a fire, they first draw upon the water in their own trucks. As this is happening, …