Importance of Website for Business

Creating a website today is no longer a difficult matter. If you are a beginner with a small business, there are many easy drag & drop editing website builders that can help your performance.

As for large companies, you can hire a team of web developers to run the administration of the website.

Importance of Website for Business

Always Connect with Customers

With the Website, you can interact with potential buyers without time and place limits.

You can also maximize service with the 24-hour live chat feature if you have a dedicated Customer Service team.

You can also maximize the website with articles / tips related to products. For example, if you sell beauty products, you can add tips pages on skin care, make up tutorials, etc.

By always providing information and question and answer services about beauty, your customers will be more interested in the products you sell.…

4 Steps to Social Enterprise Success

In recent years, many people have become aware of social problems throughout the world. Most of them decided to not only stay on the sidelines but to take steps to find a solution. Therefore, many social companies have come to overcome them. Now, business owners take their business on a global scale not focusing on making profits but more on helping those who are less fortunate.

These 4 Social Enterprise Success Stories Are Sure To Inspire

In fact, government leaders encourage young people to become social entrepreneurs. Malaysia, for example, came up with a scheme to mentor youth about social entrepreneurship. However, being an agent of change is not easy. Before you leave your life and become a social entrepreneur, equip yourself with 4 keys to success in business:

1. Write Your Plan

Just like any other business, a warrants social company also has a business plan. But it’s not like a business plan that usually addresses social problems that …

Advice For Finding The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Available

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You can make quite a bit of money with affiliate marketing if you are able to engage the readers of your blog or website

Affiliate marketing isn’t like pay per click advertising because you only get paid if and when your potential client does a specified task. To create a compelling and interesting website or blog that will attract potential clients, read the following tips in this article.

If one affiliate program is not going well for you, then maybe you should try finding another affiliate program that fits your needs better. Not all affiliate programs work the right way. You should check out your favorite vendors to see if they have an affiliate program that you can try out.

When you design your site for your affiliate advertising venture, it is vitally important that you understand that you will not get paid unless your visitors click on the links …

4 Online Business Risks and How to Handle them

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Online business is the choice of many people to build their own business in the digital era as now. If it is broken down again, this type of online business is quite a lot. Starting from opening an online shop through Instagram, setting up an e-commerce website, to posting ads on a blog. Although it sounds practical because everything is done through the online realm, online businesses actually have risks too – just like businesses in general.

The good news is that you can anticipate these risks early so you know what steps or risk management to take. That way, an online business can run smoothly and you can get maximum benefits.

The occurrence of a hit and run

Because business happens in the realm of online, you can’t meet your customers directly. In fact, trust between buyers and sellers can be more easily created if you face to face. …

NobleOak Life partners with Heritage Bank to provide outstanding life insurance solutions

Heritage Bank members can now consider fully underwritten life insurance thanks to a new partnership with Australia’s most awarded direct life insurer for the past three years running^, NobleOak Life.

The partnership will help Heritage members access information about life insurance options available to consider to protect the financial security of their families and loved ones.

The NobleOak life insurance product will initially be available from NobleOak by referral via Heritage’s online channels, and then later this year information will also be available in-branch also via a referral model. Heritage Bank customers will be able to access a two month free^^ launch offer if they take out cover before 30 September 2022.

NobleOak CEO Anthony Brown, said the arrangement brought together two brands who prided themselves on putting the needs of their customers first.

“NobleOak Life puts customers at the heart of everything we do and we are delighted to

NobleOak wins the 2022 Finder ‘Best Life Insurer’ and ‘Best Income Protection Insurer’ Award

NobleOak continues to consolidate its position as a leading provider of high quality and outstanding value Life Insurance products by winning both Finder’s ‘Best Life Insurer’ award for the fourth year in a row and the Best ‘Income Protection Insurer’ award for the third year running.

The Finder Awards recognise the market’s most competitive offerings across credit cards, home loans, savings accounts, personal loans, insurance, phone plans, internet plans, superannuation and share trading.

Anthony Brown, CEO of NobleOak said, “Winning both Finder awards including the best Life Insurer award for the fourth-year running is testament to our great products. Finder provides an independent assessment of the quality and value of various life insurance products in the market before deciding on the award winner.”

“We strive to do the best for our customers, ensuring that they have access to quality cover at an affordable price without compromising on the level of

NobleOak Wins Customer Service Award at Plan For Life Direct Life Insurance Awards 2022


NobleOak has won the Plan For Life Customer Service Award for 2022. This is the third continuous year it has been awarded to NobleOak.

Anthony Brown, CEO of NobleOak, said “Winning the Customer Service Award for the third year in a row is a tremendous achievement for the team who work hard to deliver the best experience for our customers. Quality customer service is one of our top priorities.”

Not only did NobleOak win the Customer Service award this year, they also received three additional awards at the 2022 event including the:

  • Income Protection Award;
  • TPD Award
  • and the Innovation Award.

The Plan for Life Awards recognise excellence in the direct life insurance industry.

Mr Brown continued ‘These awards mean a lot to our team, I would like to thank Plan For Life for running the awards and our clients for putting their trust in us.’

The Plan for Life

WeMoney’s Life Insurer of the Year 2022


A new award win has emerged this year for NobleOak, taking out Life Insurer of the Year in the WeMoney Insurance Awards 2022.

NobleOak CEO, Anthony Brown said, “It’s great to see NobleOak winning new awards in the Life Insurance space, as it provides comfort for our customers that across the board, we are being recognised for the valuable service we provide.”

WeMoney had all insurers assessed by their review panel which comprised of a WeMoney team member, along with experts in the relevant fields who are all independent of award applicants.

The four key areas WeMoney assessed were; the value of the products; the quality of the products; the customer experience and finally the claims process.

WeMoney Founder & CEO, Dan Jovevski, commented, “We’re thrilled that NobleOak has been recognised for their incredible achievements in the Life Insurance category of our inaugural WeMoney Insurance Awards.

The award for ‘Life

Do I need life insurance? See what the experts say.

No matter if you’re fresh out of high school, starting a career, a new parent, or years into enjoying retirement, life can be unpredictable. You can plan for your future, but you can’t really anticipate everything that might be thrown your way. That’s where life insurance can help. Our whole life and term life insurance policies offer peace of mind through all the expected and unexpected life events to come.

Are you wondering, “Do I need life insurance?” Our experts say life insurance is important for everyone. Still not convinced? Read on to see the life events that could prompt you to get a policy, or the many times you could benefit from one.

Going to college

While you’re busy exploring universities and course loads, explore life insurance. College is a major expense. Getting life insurance at this stage ensures your loved ones aren’t left paying off your student loan

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