NobleOak Wins Customer Service Award at Plan For Life Direct Life Insurance Awards 2022


NobleOak has won the Plan For Life Customer Service Award for 2022. This is the third continuous year it has been awarded to NobleOak.

Anthony Brown, CEO of NobleOak, said “Winning the Customer Service Award for the third year in a row is a tremendous achievement for the team who work hard to deliver the best experience for our customers. Quality customer service is one of our top priorities.”

Not only did NobleOak win the Customer Service award this year, they also received three additional awards at the 2022 event including the:

  • Income Protection Award;
  • TPD Award
  • and the Innovation Award.

The Plan for Life Awards recognise excellence in the direct life insurance industry.

Mr Brown continued ‘These awards mean a lot to our team, I would like to thank Plan For Life for running the awards and our clients for putting their trust in us.’

The Plan for Life

WeMoney’s Life Insurer of the Year 2022


A new award win has emerged this year for NobleOak, taking out Life Insurer of the Year in the WeMoney Insurance Awards 2022.

NobleOak CEO, Anthony Brown said, “It’s great to see NobleOak winning new awards in the Life Insurance space, as it provides comfort for our customers that across the board, we are being recognised for the valuable service we provide.”

WeMoney had all insurers assessed by their review panel which comprised of a WeMoney team member, along with experts in the relevant fields who are all independent of award applicants.

The four key areas WeMoney assessed were; the value of the products; the quality of the products; the customer experience and finally the claims process.

WeMoney Founder & CEO, Dan Jovevski, commented, “We’re thrilled that NobleOak has been recognised for their incredible achievements in the Life Insurance category of our inaugural WeMoney Insurance Awards.

The award for ‘Life

Do I need life insurance? See what the experts say.

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Going to college

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How to winterize your construction site: 6 tips to know.

Construction sites are faced with more extreme hazards during the winter months. Cold temperatures increase the risk of injuries and damage to equipment, and windy conditions can make any workday unpredictable. Knowing how to winterize your construction site and prepare your team can help you stay on schedule … safely.

Here are six helpful tips to winterize your construction site.

  1. Keep up with the current forecast. When working outdoors in harsh weather, knowing what to expect can be a big help. Closely monitor the weather forecast for upcoming workdays and track any changes – sometimes winter weather patterns can shift quickly. Always take the local climate into account when planning for a project. If bad weather is expected, make sure to communicate with the project team and add extra time for potential delays, if necessary.
  2. Stabilize the ground. Placing sediment, temporary or permanent vegetation, or netted mulch on any slopes

5 tips to protect your home’s drains and pipes.

Homeownership comes with never-ending to-do lists. That’s why preventive measures, like maintaining the health of your drains and pipes, often don’t get checked off. But did you know keeping an eye on what’s going down the drain and cleaning them even once a year can save you from significant damage and money down the road?

From kitchen sinks and showers to bathroom vanities and laundry tubs, we rely on our drains daily. Keep them all up and running with these five plumbing tips:

  1. Know what is acceptable to put down your drains and what is not. Garbage disposals are time-saving tools, but people tend to overestimate what can be put down the drain for disposal. Things like coffee grounds, eggshells, and grease can damage your disposal and clog your pipes. A good rule for all household drains is to stop any larger or easily caught objects before they reach the