Home Furnace Maintenance in Alberta

Did you know that broken furnaces contribute to many property insurance claims each year? If your furnace dies or isn’t properly operating in cold weather, your home’s temperature can drop and cause frozen or burst pipes, resulting in damage. Keeping your furnace in good repair can save you money over the long term and protect your home.  

Types of Furnaces in Alberta’s Homes

Most Albertans have forced-air central furnaces heating their homes. These work by heating air and blowing it through ducts throughout the home. Different fuels heat the air, including: 

  • Electric – Very efficient, quiet and small furnaces; they’re cheaper to install but the cost of electricity can be higher than other fuels. 
  • Natural Gas – The most popular fuel for furnaces in Alberta as natural gas is relatively cheap and plentiful. 
  • Propane – A less popular alternative to natural gas. 
  • Oil – Found more in rural Alberta; oil

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a nightmare for any homeowner or business owner. Not only can they cause extensive damage, but the cleanup can also be challenging due to cold weather. Most burst pipes are caused by frozen pipes. Here’s how to prevent burst pipes during Alberta’s cold winters. 

1. Ensure pipes are properly insulated.  

Insulation is important for keeping the heat in your home or building. However, even with proper insulation, there can be cold spots inside cabinets or because of a faulty furnace. Ensure your home or building is properly insulated. If this has been done or it’s not possible, you can insulate the pipes themselves by using spray-foam insulation or insulation pipe wrap. Focus on exterior walls and unheated areas (and the pipes adjacent to those unheated areas).  

2. Properly seal any cracks and holes.  

Cracks and holes can let cold air in which can cause pipes to freeze

Insuring an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Who doesn’t love an ugly Christmas sweater? Whether yours is homemade, bought with intention, or found in the back of a closet, these sweaters are a great way to celebrate the holidays. But what happens if that ugly Christmas sweater is stolen or damaged? It all depends on how it’s insured.  

Insuring an Ugly Christmas Sweater Under Property Insurance 

Whether you own or rent a house, condo or apartment, your property insurance includes contents coverage. This covers your personal belongings up to a specified limit if they’re damaged by an insured peril such as fire or theft. If your policy covers you for all risks, make sure you review the exclusions. 

There can be a per item limit ($1,000 to $2,000) and an overall maximum limit for more valuable items. You determine the overall limit when you purchase your tenant’s, condo or home insurance with your broker.  

For example, if

New year, new insurance needs: 5 areas to review.

Have you set resolutions for the new year? We have a request for you: In addition to your personal resolutions, take time to make necessary updates and changes to your insurance, too.

Many areas of your life ─ like your home, car, family, business, and plans ─ could have changed in the last 12 months. That’s why it’s a good habit to use the new year as a time to refresh coverage and set yourself up for success.

Not sure what to look over? Here are some key insurance areas to review:

  1. Your home inventory. Did you get any expensive gifts over the holidays or invest in big-ticket items like a flat-screen TV this year? Homeowners and renters insurance can be lifesavers in times of disaster, but policies have limits and require up-to-date records of your belongings. The beginning of the year is a great time to review your belongings

NobleOak Life wins inaugural Money Magazine Best Direct Life Insurance Cover of the Year Award 2022

NobleOak Life Limited (NobleOak) has continued its dominance as the most awarded direct life insurer by winning the inaugural Money Magazine Consumer Finance Awards Direct Life Insurance Cover of the Year 2022.

Anthony Brown, CEO of NobleOak, said, “This is the first time Money Magazine has awarded an insurer in the life insurance category. To be the first company to receive this distinction is very gratifying.”

Money Magazine partnered with Plan for Life, Actuaries & Researchers who are specialists in analysis of the Australian financial services industry, to complete the independent review of products offered direct in the market.

Plan for Life compared product offerings from direct life insurers based not only on their financial position but also market performance, product excellence and features, premium rates and customer service.

Mr Brown continued, “The combination of low premiums, outstanding personal service and range of product options was identified as being best