Online Giants Want A Piece of The Retail Market

Facebook is social media. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. They both have established very successful online platforms. They hold the data about and interests of at least one billion people. Although they have conquered and dominate the online space, they are still not wholly satisfied. These two internet giants want a piece of a market many once said was dying.

The death of retail is said to have happened due to the decline of in store sales because customers flock to websites. One of the websites that many people on earth are familiar with is Amazon. Mom and pop stores have closed due to not being able to keep up with the growing trend of customers seeking out online shopping with incredibly fast shipping times. Platforms like Facebook make it extremely easy for online store owners to promote to a very detailed audience. Essentially, the growth of online platforms has changed the way many people sell products and many people buy products. But although online shopping seems to be the trend. Major online companies like Facebook and Amazon are at new ways to get in front of millions of more customers.

Facebook has released that it has formed a partnership with Macys. Facebook will be opening a few pop-up spots in the department store. Facebook will be featuring newer and smaller brands that are getting some momentum on Facebook and Instagram. This move sounds similar to what Amazon did when it acquired Whole Foods. Both are two giants on the internet and both are wanting to get some skin in the game on the retail market.

Macy’s will have a pop-up selection called “The Market”. This section of the store will feature online brands that are picking up traction on social media. This is an effort to bring more brand awareness to people about brands that are new and small. About one hundred brands will be sold in “The Market” through February.

Amazon may have made its big bucks by first selling books online in the 1990s then becoming a major shopping website like and now is eyeing becoming a massive retailer. They have created a partnership with Kohls. They have opened up brick and mortar locations in shopping malls. All of their stores are considered to be micro stores that allow customers to get a personal and physical experience of trying out their products. Amazon first got its foot in the door with brick and mortar stores when the company launches it bookstores. Then they opened Amazon Go stores. Now, they are introducing a new type of store to customers.

Amazon 4 Star is a concept developed by the online powerhouse that will sell the website’s most popular items. These items have at least a four-star rating or above. These items will include devices, kitchen products, games, books, homeware, toys and consumer electronics. The first of these stores opened in September. Since the debut two more have joined the store fleet.