To DIY or not to DIY

The serious DIY enthusiast can realize significant savings and personal satisfaction from doing their own home improvements. Still, some renovations require hiring a contractor. In other cases, DIY is possible, but may not be worth it when all is said and done. How do you know when to hire a professional? Here are some things to consider.

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Risk of Injury or Death

For any project, safety should be of utmost importance. Carefully examine the hazards associated with remodeling. If serious injury or death is possible, that may be a clear indication to hire an experienced, contractor with a good track record of successful project delivery. For instance, renovations that require extensive wiring and other dangerous electrical work should be left to professionals such as these DFW electrical contractors. No amount of savings is worth loss of life due to electrocution.

Securing Permits

If the work requires permits, that may also be a sign that you should hire an expert. Local permitting rules and regulations may require hiring a certified or licensed professional. A reputable contractor should know what paperwork is required and can give you a realistic forecast of pricing and estimated duration.

Negative Effects on Home Value

Shoddy work can either ruin your home or prove very costly to repair. Licensed contractors usually are insured for damages that result from their efforts. In a worst case scenario, poorly done work can lower the value of your home, either by turning off potential buyers or significantly lowering your asking price when selling. Imagine improperly connecting pipes in a bathroom remodel which resulted in water leaks that went undetected. The resulting damage from mold or collapse of building materials could be prohibitively expensive to repair.

When it comes to upgrades, you don’t want to cut corners. Certain projects come with a certain level of danger, complexity or permitting requirements making them best left to knowledgeable, experienced professionals. The consequences of DIY mistakes may end up eliminating all savings.