Top Five Features to Consider Before Buying an ATM Machine

Maybe your business has enough space and good traffic where you can add an ATM machine and get an increased flow of income. This is a simple counter that you can have on your business premises and you can make some extra dollars. However, before deciding to buy an ATM machine, you need to analyze the features so that you can purchase something that fits you and your business. Before buying any type of atm machines hoboken nj, here are some of the features you need to consider. 

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Remember the aesthetic appeal of your ATM machine plays a significant role in attracting customers. For a small store, you can choose a lower-end system that offers the basics of withdrawing money. However, for a wealthier clientele business such as resorts, you need to select a sleeker design. Noteworthy, the more the aesthetic value, the more you will have to pay. 

2. Screen Size and Type

You might not know but ATM machines come with screens that range from 10 inches to 15 inches. Other ATM machines have touch screens while others use the traditional pressing of buttons as the information displays on the screen. You should know that a bigger screen which is touch is likely to attract a considerable number of customers because it is offering excellent customer experience.

3. Lock Type

Some of the locks that you will come across include the standard electronic locks, Cencon locks, and S&G locks. Some of the aspects that you need to consider when selecting a lock include a one-time combination that is mostly date and time specific, internal power source locks, and encrypted electronic keys. Cencon locks are the gold standard and therefore you should consider them for your ATM machines. 

4. Note System

How many cartridges or how many notes can your ATM machine hold? With larger cartridges, there are more cassettes, which make it easier to fill. In the low-end market, you will only get a 1,000-note drawer. You need to get a high-end ATM machine that can get up to 8,000 notes using multiple drawers. However, the notes system you will choose depends on the volume you intend to handle.

5. Vault Type

There are two types of vaults, namely; Level 1 and Business Hours. The main difference between the two vaults is the difficulty in opening and the strength of their walls. For businesses hours, they are designed to hold cash when there is a staff while Level 1 can keep cash for 24 hours with staff or not. Therefore, Level 1 is physically strong and cannot be opened with ease. They are highly preferred if you are willing to serve your customers at night.

These are some of the main features you should consider before you decide to purchase an ATM machine to serve customers in your store. However, other several features should play an essential role before buying an ATM machine. Some of these features include the language of the system, freestanding, the initial and repair/maintenance costs.