What Are Construction Barges?

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Construction barges are useful when you need to build a floating construction and have the equipment and personnel on site to do it. You can find many different types of barges used in various construction processes including housing, supplies and recreation. You can even find them with cranes, stores and offices depending on your needs.


Barges are a type of watercraft that is generally towed into place by a tugboat instead of having its own propulsion systems. This can make them easier to produce and cheaper to maintain than other types of boats for a variety of industries. Cargo barges can even be strung together and hauled across the ocean with garbage, supplies and personnel. When you are looking for specialty types, such as crane barges Jeanerette LA, it can be cheaper and easier to rent them than to purchase, especially if you are not using them year-round or only have one water-based project.


You can find many uses for barges for your floating construction site including housing personnel, keeping them entertained during off hours and storing both wet and dry supplies. Barges can be used to set up the temporary floating city that your project will need as well as house large cranes needed to lift materials in place. You can even have a company store on a barge complete with a theater and rec hall to reduce the need to shuttle employees to shore during off hours.

Construction barges make building projects on the water much easier to plan and execute. You can rent these barges from companies offering types like cranes, offices and barracks barges and not have to worry about weatherizing or storing them during the off-season. You can even find recreation and supplies barges to reduce the amount of fuel you spend going to and from the shore.