Cleaning Supplies All Companies Should Have

Regardless of whether your company does digital marketing or produces skateboards, cleaning supplies should always be kept on hand for small accidents and simple cleanups. To make sure your office is able to stay running smoothly while looking clean, consider investing in keeping some of these products on hand at all times.

House Cleaning Supplies & Products Checklist

Disposable and Reusable Towels

Keep plenty of both disposable and reusable towels on hand. You can get wholesale cleaning cloths for tough jobs that require a fabric cloth to clean up properly. An additional benefit of fabric cleaning cloths is that many are machine washable, making it easy to use them time and time again.

Disposable Gloves

Get a variety of disposable gloves in different sizes so that all employees, regardless of hand size, will be able to use them if needed. Disposable gloves will not only help keep employees from getting dirty but will keep things more sanitary overall. Keep in mind allergies, such as latex allergies, when looking for what disposable gloves to stock.

Disinfectant Products

Get plenty of disinfectant products to help keep surfaces clean and sterile. In addition to providing standard disinfectant spray cleaners, you will want to look into disinfectant wipes and sprays. Put disinfectant products in an easily accessible area and encourage employees to use them, particularly for wiping down company equipment if there is an accident or illness in the workplace.

Products for Spills

Invest in products that will help your employees deal with both wet and dry spills easily. In addition to standard mops and brooms, consider stocking absorbent powder or spill absorbent pads that can be sprinkled over large wet spills to soak them up. Make sure you have proper signage on hand so that employees can mark hazards, such as wet floor areas, to help avoid further accidents.

By keeping plenty of cleaning supplies on hand, you can provide your employees with the tools to keep their workspace clean and safe.