How To Get Started in the Anodizing Business

Anodizing is the process of adding a corrosion and wear-resistant layer to the outside of metals. When you are opening a business anodizing metal, you should understand how the process works as well as what supplies, equipment and certifications you need. The best part about starting this kind of business is that you can start small as a hobby and grow it up from there.

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How Does Anodizing Work?

You can anodize metals, usually aluminum, by submersing it in acid and adding an electrical current. The anodizing tank used in the process will need to be made of a sturdy plastic that is rated for this use and which is big enough for the metal pieces as well as the acid.

What Supplies and Equipment Do You Need?

Whether you are anodizing as a hobby or to start a business, you will need some specialty supplies and equipment to get it done. You will need a tank, sulfuric acid, lead cathodes long enough to drape over the tank and much more. You will also need the aluminum to anodize as well as cleaning supplies. You can dye the metal during this process with clothing or other dye.

What Certifications Do You Need?

To start a business anodizing metal, you will need a business license and you may need a certification to purchase and handle hazardous materials on the scale you would need for a business. If you want to dye and anodize metal as a hobby, then you will probably not need any special licenses or certifications.

Getting started in the anodizing business can be easier than you may initially think. You can even start small with a hobby shop and build up to needing a permanent location, licenses and certifications. To start, you will want to know how the process works, which supplies and equipment you need, and even which certifications are mandated by your local, state or federal government regulations.