Importance of Website for Business


Creating a website today is no longer a difficult matter. If you are a beginner with a small business, there are many easy drag & drop editing website builders that can help your performance.

As for large companies, you can hire a team of web developers to run the administration of the website.

Importance of Website for Business

Always Connect with Customers

With the Website, you can interact with potential buyers without time and place limits.

You can also maximize service with the 24-hour live chat feature if you have a dedicated Customer Service team.

You can also maximize the website with articles / tips related to products. For example, if you sell beauty products, you can add tips pages on skin care, make up tutorials, etc.

By always providing information and question and answer services about beauty, your customers will be more interested in the products you sell.

Increase Credibility

Some potential buyers will see “who is behind this business/product?”.

Not infrequently among them will make a purchase decision after studying the company’s track record. You can realize customer needs like this through the website.

A website can increase customer confidence in your business. You can provide information about About Us, Contact, History, Vision/Mission, etc.

That way, they no longer hesitate to continue buying because the site they are accessing is not a fake/scam.

Save cost & time

The opposite of a physical store that has to rent a place/shophouse every month, a website can be a home for your business. No physical shop, no problem.

Your business can still run. In addition, both you and the customer can save time.

Customers don’t have to bother coming just to buy 1 product item. He can do everything through online gadgets.

You won’t have to worry about the closing hours of the store, because orders can be processed at any time without being limited by time.

Reach a wider target market

The ability of the internet network to reach the target market is unquestionable.

Once you upload material to your website, you can reach potential customers from all over the world. Contemporary souvenirs typical of the city of Jogja can not only be enjoyed by local residents.

Those outside the island and outside Indonesia can also be aware of the existence of the business through the internet.

As an information portal, portfolio/catalog

No need to bother printing brochures or catalog books so that potential buyers know your product. You can upload all of them on the website page.

Information in business is like the main door to buying action. How can people find out about your product if there is no access/information portal to the brand?

Especially, if your business is relatively new. The new brand is certainly still foreign to the public’s ears, for that it is important to create a website.