Lucrative Industries in The Country of Canada

Located in the province of Alberta is a budding city. This city is Calgary. Alberta is a province in Canada. The city is located in around the Elbow River and Bow River, which is in a prairie area with foothills. The city has a population around 1.2 million. This makes the city Alberta’s most populated city and is the third largest municipality in all of Canada.

In terms of helping one to advance financially, Canada is a country that offers many opportunities. Many people who decide to immigrant to North America choose to settle into this country due to the great opportunities it affords. Canada has the fifteenth largest economy in the world. The GDP of the Canada is estimated to be at 1.5 trillion dollars. The economy is very diversified and developed making it a hot spot for growth, corporations, careers and industries. The country has a large petroleum production industry. They are the fourth largest exporter in the world. They also rank in the fourth place for producing natural gas. The country has been called an energy superpower. The land of Canada is abundant with natural resources for the entire world. The economy is dominated by the service industry, which is typical for a country of this economic development.

Professional services seems to be the second top industry that offers the most profitability to investors and workers. Healthcare seems to be the industry leading the workforce in Canada. The healthcare sector includes ambulatory services, nursing care facilities, hospitals and all other medical facilities. The second most popular career choice for Canadians is professional services that include legal services, management consulting, accounting and architecture services. The third most popular profession is administrative and support services which include office administrative, travel agencies and employment services. Next, comes the transportation and warehousing industries. These industries include pipeline, air and rail transportation. Postal services and storage are also a part of this industry. The fifth top industry of Canada is utilities which is sewage services, electric power and natural gas distribution.

Not many know it but on average the annual salary of Canadians is higher than Americans. The average after tax income in Canada is around three thousand dollars a month totaling to thirty six thousand dollars a month. The average American brings in around thirty five thousand dollars per month. So, one may wonder with the great industries and career potential of Canada, is it cheaper to live there too? Oddly, having children or not having children may be the deciding factor on if it is financially and economically better to live in Canada. Canada tends to offer mother’s more maternity and motherhood benefits than American employers. The U.S. currently has the highest healthcare costs. That is something to consider when having children because healthcare and health related issues will increase. But there is one thing that U.S. does have over Canada. The average rent and food related costs in the United States is much lower here than our northern Canadian counterpart.