Maintaining Your Plant’s Equipment

Hasil gambar untuk The machinery in your plant

The machinery in your plant is what makes your profit so keeping them running well is vital. If one goes down, it can be catastrophic for production. Here are a few tips to keep them operating their best.

Lubricate Often

To keep parts moving against each other, you need to grease them. Using an industrial lubricant richmond va allows gears, bearing, and other items on a machine to glide against each other with little friction that can damage the equipment. You need to check to see if there too much gunk building up because this too can cause an issue. Inspecting for this gives you an opportunity to see if there is anything else mechanically wrong with a machine.

Keep Operators Up To Date

The operators on a machine need to know how it works as well as to troubleshoot any minor problems before they escalate. You will want to give them proper training so that they are aware of how their equipment works. You must review this information every so often to refresh the employees on what to look for as well as educating new workers who may have been assigned to that machine.

Cleaning Up

Another way to keep equipment up and running smoothly is to keep the work area around it clean and free of debris. Excess dirt and grime can get into a machine and clog up the operations. Things that are lying around and spills not cleaned up can also lead to a safety hazard for employees.

Write It Down

Keeping accurate maintenance and repair records can report when a machine was last serviced and if it had any significant issues. Regular equipment checks will give your machine a longer life and keep your plant running smoothly. This also gives you a heads up if something seems off and lets you take care of it before it shuts your equipment down.