Planning for Pets: Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Pets bring incredible joy to our lives, and a fair amount of responsibility too. Here’s what you’ll need to plan for if you’re getting one or more of our most cherished furry friends: a dog, a cat, or a horse.

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Food and Water

High-quality food is always best for the newest member of your family. Cheaper brands exist, but you’ll save on vet bills later if you splurge on the brands with no fillers. If you have the time and want to ensure that your pet is getting the best quality food, make it yourself. Making pet food from scratch is often more economical too. If it’s a horse you’re adopting, you can put them out to pasture for grass. If you’re short on pasture land, bring in some hay or grains. Always provide clean water for your pets.

Insurance and Veterinarian

It’s recommended to take your pet to the vet for an annual check-up. It’s also not unusual for your pet to develop symptoms that warrant taking him or her to see the veterinarian. Their issues may not be life-threatening, but since they can’t talk to tell you that, often, a vet is the only way to go. If these surprise visits unsettle you, you can purchase pet insurance. Horses require additional coverage since they are riskier. Be sure to put horse insurance cost in your budget.

Toys and Accessories

All pets love to play, so leave some room in your budget for squeaky toys for the dogs, and jingle bells for the cats. Horses like to play with tin containers, so that costs nothing, but you’ll need to plan for stables and fencing. Dogs will need leashes and waste bags, indoor cats will need litter, and all pets will need grooming tools.

Pets cost a fair amount but provide unconditional love, which is an excellent ROI.